Upline Promotions Inc.

Contributing to people's lives by promoting multiple businesses

Houseware Exchange, Orient Impex

We are importers and Wholesalers of Houseware, Catering & Bakery and packaging Supplies and a patented line of Anti Bed Bug Mattress covers, Closeouts and General Merchandise.

We supply to Wholesalers and large Retailers and accounts with special promotional needs.

Please contact us for your Special Import Programs and Premium Needs. Private Labels Programs are welcome.

United Business Financing

We are Professionally Trained Commercial Business Financing Specialists, affiliated with the largest and most creative lenders in the USA.

We handle SBA Loans, Unsecured Business Loans, Account Receivable Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Letters Of Credit, Equipment Leasing & Financing , Sales Leaseback, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Loans, Business Working Capital, Stock Loans, Fix & Flip, Credit Cards Cash Advance, Total Cash Advance, Church Financing, Business Acquisition and Debt Structuring.

We are confident that we will efficiently help guide, advice and counsel you through the process of acquiring financing that best fits you!

General Franchise Consultants

We are professionally trained Business and franchise development specialists, affiliated with the largest franchise consulting company in the USA.

. We are truly knowledgeable in the industry and are confident that we can efficiently help guide, and counsel you through the process of acquiring the franchise of your choice.




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